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Pay attention to the color of the square on the tube of toothpaste when buying

The best toothpaste should not only perfectly clean off plaque from teeth, whiten them and disinfect them. It must be safe! As it turned out, the composition of the product, which is now used by everyone, without exception, leaves much to be desired … Take a closer look at the labeling on the tube of your favorite hygiene product!

How to choose a toothpaste
Looking at the color of the square on the tube, you can determine the features of the composition of the paste.

The green square indicates that the pasta consists almost entirely of natural ingredients. By the way, such squares can be seen on tubes with other cosmetics!

A blue square indicates that the paste contains both natural and chemical components.
A red square on the tube indicates the presence of a small amount of hazardous chemicals: such a paste should never be swallowed!
The black square is the most dangerous sign. Harmful toothpastes are almost entirely made up of chemicals and are marked with this icon on the tube!

Manufacturers have been using this marking for a very long time! It is especially important to check children’s toothpaste, because children so often swallow it while brushing their teeth …